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Kohler KS engines - Gasoline engine that replaces SV models, like its predecessor it is also air cooled and with a vertical axis, its power is 19HP. Our online store is an official distributor of Kohler Engines and we have a wide catalogue of products. We also do international shipping.

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  • Engine  Kohler KS590
    KS590 Kohler engine

    Engine5400 series KOHLER KS590 This engine replaces SV590, SV470KOHLER, engine KOHLER SV470, svengine KOHLER SV541, sv600 engine KOHLER Gasoline 4 cycles Power 19 HP Air-cooled Necessary to adapt exhaust tie flange. Escape not included Stage V Emissions Certificate Spare parts engine KS590 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    €990,99 €1.321,32 -25%
  • Kohler KS530 Engine

    Get the most out of your Mowers with the engine KOHLER Series 5400 KS530. Simple start with Smart-Choke technology and ™ just turn the key and you're done. Gasoline engine Monocilindric Power 17 HP Cylindrical Cigueñal 1" engine KOHLER Vertical OHV Necessary to adapt exhaust tie flange. Stage V (complies with the new European Regulations) Spare parts for...

    €1.198,81 €1.598,41 -25%