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Lombardini liquid-cooled deliver the muscle and durability to overcome the most punishing places on earth. We make international shipments Lombardini liquid cooled Engines. If you do not find the product you want in our online platform do not hesitate to contact us to get what you need. 

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  • Lombardini Engine LDW 1003 FOCS

    Lombardini LDW1003 Diesel Engine ELECTRICAL START A highly efficient combustion system significantly reduces emissions.  Engine Discotinue/Engine Replaced By: ENGINE SUBSTITUTE LONGBLOCK LOMBARDINI LDW 1003 Technical data Water cooled No. of Cylinders 3 Power 24.5HP Weight (Kg) 85 Spare parts for LDW 1003 engine 3-year manufacturer's warranty

  • LongBlock Engine Diesel Kohler KDW 702 LongBlock Engine Diesel Kohler KDW 702
    LongBlock Engine Diesel Lombardini LDW 702
    LB LDW702

    longblock ldw702 Lombardini equipped with the best technology of the brand to deal with different functions and uses. KW (HP) 11.7 (16.0) engine water-cooled Four times 2 Cylinders Online Pump Power included Fuel Filter No steering wheel of Inertia Without Bell No alternator No starter box Compatible with Spare parts ldw702 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    €3.384,98 €4.513,30 -25%
  • Motor Lombardini LDW 702
    Motor Diesel Lombardini LDW 702

    Engine Diesel Lombardini ldw702 FOCS with a modern design, compact, little noisy, and with low weight. Diesel Water-cooled 2 cylinders 4 times Power 16 HP Spare parts valid for the ldw 702 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    €3.438,44 €4.584,59 -25%
    LongBlock Diesel engine Lombardini LDW502 FOCS
    Longblock LDW502

    Lombardini Longblock LDW502 Lightweight. Diesel Water-cooled crankshaft Conico 3000rpm 2 cylinders Including Power Pump Including Fuel Filter Including air filter Alternator 12V-40A Including starter motor 3 Years Warranty Manufacturer

    €3.512,03 €4.682,70 -25%
  • Diesel Engine Lombardini LDW 502 FOCS

    Lombardini LDW 502 Focs engines have a fuel injection system that helps save fuel and guarantee a minimum of maintenance and fewer visits to the workshop. Water-cooled 2 cylinders Four-stroke Diesel Duty Cycle Power 11.7 HP Spare parts Engine Lombardini LDW 502  Engine Discontinued LONGBLOCK REPLACEMENT ENGINE LDW502 3 years manufacturer warranty

    €3.582,27 €4.776,35 -25%
  • Engine Lombardini ldw 442

    Engine Lombardini ldw442 Diesel Power 11.5HP Water-cooled 3200rpm 478cc Stage V ENGINE DISCONTINUED longblock SUBSTITUTE KOHLER KDW442 Spare parts valid for engine ldw442

    €4.210,80 €5.614,40 -25%
  • Engine Lombardini ldw 492

    Engine Lombardini ldw492 Diesel Water-cooled Power 11.5HP 3200rpm 478cc Stage V ENGINE DISCONTINUED ENGINE SUBSTITUTE KOHLER KDW492 Spare parts valid for engine ldw492

    €4.210,80 €5.614,40 -25%
    Engine Lombardini LDW 1404

    Engine Lombardini LDW 1404 Diesel engine water-cooled Four times 4 In-Line Cylinders 1372cc Power 33.3 HP Spare parts valid for engine ldw1404 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

    €4.759,17 €6.345,55 -25%
  • Kohler Diesel Engine KDW 2204
    Engine Lombardini LDW2204/T

    The Lombardini LDW2204/T engine is a liquid-cooled in-line four-cylinder diesel engine. It is available with the next specifications. Power 55.5 kW Water-cooled engine Four-stroke 4 Cylinders in Line Stage III Compatible with spare parts LDW2204 3 year manufacturer's warranty

    €8.655,15 €11.540,19 -25%