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Are you looking for engines for cars without license? In our store you will find all kinds of motors for mini cars of the most prestigious brands on the market. Acclaimed by the general public such as Chatenet, Microcar, Due, Ligier, Casalini and many others. You will find your Lombardini or Kohler mini car engine with the different versions and advantages that each manufacturer provides.

You will find the LDW502 FOCS engines from Lombardini and the KDW502 FOCS engine from Kohler, without forgetting the lightened versions of the Lombardini LDW 442 engine and the LDW 502 Longblock version that provide the best advantages of the highest quality for your mini-cars.

Looking for a minicar engine? Get your engine now at the best price.

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  • Diesel Engine Lombardini LDW 502 FOCS

    Lombardini LDW 502 Focs engines have a fuel injection system that helps save fuel and guarantee a minimum of maintenance and fewer visits to the workshop. Water-cooled 2 cylinders Four-stroke Diesel Duty Cycle Power 11.7 HP Spare parts Engine Lombardini LDW 502  Engine Discontinued LONGBLOCK REPLACEMENT ENGINE LDW502 3 years manufacturer warranty

  • Engine Lombardini ldw 442

    Engine Lombardini ldw442 Diesel Power 11.5HP Water-cooled 3200rpm 478cc Stage V ENGINE DISCONTINUED longblock SUBSTITUTE KOHLER KDW442 Spare parts valid for engine ldw442

  • Engine Kohler 550 SOHC Eco Tech

    New Engine Kohler 550 SOHC Eco Tech valid to replace in undessigned cars such as the Casalini 550 GranSport or M20. Features: Diesel Quadrimobile Light (moped) Displacement 480 cm3 Maximum torque 28 Nm at 2700 rpm Maximum power from 6 kW to 3200 rpm CVT automatic transmission See price and availability: info@asvarta.com

    LongBlock Diesel engine Lombardini LDW502 FOCS
    Longblock LDW502

    Lombardini Longblock LDW502 Lightweight. Diesel Water-cooled crankshaft Conico 3000rpm 2 cylinders Including Power Pump Including Fuel Filter Including air filter Alternator 12V-40A Including starter motor 3 Years Warranty Manufacturer

  • Engine Lombardini ldw 492

    Engine Lombardini ldw492 Diesel Water-cooled Power 11.5HP 3200rpm 478cc Stage V ENGINE DISCONTINUED ENGINE SUBSTITUTE KOHLER KDW492 Spare parts valid for engine ldw492