Engines for Ligier Minicars

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Are you looking for original engines for Ligier cars without a license? In our catalog you will not only find the Ligier mini car engine, but you can also choose between different versions of Ligier mini car engines such as the Lombardini LDW 502 FOCS engine or the Kohler KDW 502 version. Both engines have a lightweight version for the Ligier minicar that allows you to get the maximum possible performance of your mini car.

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  • Diesel Engine Lombardini LDW 502 FOCS

    Lombardini LDW 502 Focs engines have a fuel injection system that helps save fuel and guarantee a minimum of maintenance and fewer visits to the workshop. Water-cooled 2 cylinders Four-stroke Diesel Duty Cycle Power 11.7 HP Spare parts Engine Lombardini LDW 502  Engine Discontinued LONGBLOCK REPLACEMENT ENGINE LDW502 3 years manufacturer warranty

  • LongBlock Diesel engine Lombardini LDW502 FOCS
    LongBlock Diesel engine Lombardini LDW502 FOCS
    Longblock LDW502

    Lombardini Longblock LDW502 Lightweight. Diesel Water-cooled crankshaft Conico 3000rpm 2 cylinders Including Power Pump Including Fuel Filter Including air filter Alternator 12V-40A Including starter motor 3 Years Warranty Manufacturer