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  • Kohler KDI 3404 TCR Engine

    KDI 3404 TCR engine Diesel Kohler exhibits its power thanks to the different features that Kohler brings to its engines. Highlight: 55.4kW (74.0hp) / 105 kw @2200rpm Four-stroke Displacement 3359 cm3 Turbocharger with exhaust valve for excess gases. Stage V Compatible with KDI Kohler Spare Parts Check price and availability: info@asvarta.com

  • Motor de arranque CHD KDI
    CHD KDI boot Engine

    Model-compatible CHD KDI boot engine: LDW 1503 LDW 1603 LDW 2004 LDW 2204 LDW 2004/T LDW 2204/T

  • Diesel Engine Kohler KDI 1903 TCR

    KDI 1903 TCR engine Diesel Kohler water-cooled 3-cylinder system in its standard version. See agricultural, industrial, generator sets and manufacturers HP (kW) - 56(42) Four times Online cylinders Turbocharger with excess gas outlet valve. Stage V Compatible with KDI Kohler Parts 3 Years Manufacturer Guarantee See price and availability: info@asvarta.com

  • Diesel Engine Kohler KDI 2504 TCR

    Kohler KDI 2504 TCR Diesel 4-cylinder water-cooled engine as standard version. See agricultural, industrial, generator sets and manufacturer's HP (kW) - 55.4 (74.0) Four-stroke Displacement 2482 cm3Turbocharger with waste gas outlet valve. Stage V Replacement Parts KDI Engine compatibility Check price and availability at: info@asvarta.com